Vehicle Management System


This project was unique in the aspect that when I completed the Origin curriculum, I was left without a group to join and while waiting, I decided to create a Car Management System that is a full application used to keep track of customer's information, sales data, and current inventories. It is the current project that I am working on so I do not have a lot to share with it yet, but plan to finished with it by the end of summer 2018.


Front End: React / Redux / React-Router / BootStrap V4 

Back End: Node.js / Express / MongoDB / Mongoose (Possibly switching to Loopback in the future)


Going through this side project, it was extremely helpful solidifying how to set up a Redux application using MongoDB from scratch. It really helped me better prepare for my Portal project which was the most complex project yet. I look forward to finishing up this application towards the end of summer 18 to better understand how to create more projects from scratch.