Hiking Trail Locator


This project was part of the Origin Code Academy curriculum called the "hackathon".  This is each student's first opportunity to create something freely that the find fit. The only requirements of this project was a 72 hour deadline and to use an API and implement it into their project. I chose to use REI's hiking API because I found this to have realistic use in the app store. How many times have you been to a new state looking for something to do while you're there? The hiking trail locator would be a great solution to travelers or vacationers and works anywhere in the US!


The front-end stack mainly uses React while the styling and design for this project was strictly some basic CSS. The API was built from the REI website with Express (Node.js). routes.


After finishing this 72-hour project, it helped grasp my understanding of working with APIs and implementing the data received by them to display for the user. It was an enjoyable project to work on since I found a personal use and need for it. I plan on updating the layout in the future and probably using Bootstrap along with animating the basic logos used.