Movie Finder


Movie finder application that implements IMDB API to search movie names and provides general information on that movie. Able to select more info to display a more detailed response to the user.




Front End: React / Redux / React-Router / HTML5 / CSS3

Back End: Node.js / Express


This project was fun to create, yet very difficult to accomplish. The IMDB API changed just before I started this project. The hardest part was to be able to get all the data on the main page even though the search query for the API only responded with particular data. In order to facilitate this gap in data, I had to learn and implement an async function that does two separate Axios calls. The first one gathers some of the movie data such as title, movie poster, and the IMDB identification number. In order to do my second Axios call, I had to await for the first Axios call to complete and then use the IMDB id in the response to gather more specific data pertaining to that movie such as the synopsis, awards, duration, genre, etc.